Preparing for your Esthetics Licensing Exam


(Im sure it could apply to most states though — also I am really not that concerned with spelling or punctuation when it comes to this post. That being said – play nice and don’t be a dbag)

I was recently a model for my friend and thought, “MAN I AM SO GLAD I AM HERE! “I really feel like it takes some of the nerves away from when I get to my big day. I also thought that since info on board is pretty hard to find online, I decided to blog my post school to state licensing exam journey for all of you! I know, you’re so lucky to have found this considering there is nothing online to help anyone prepare for this test.  

Like me, you’ve probably only heard horror stories about boards but nothing concrete about the test.  Your friends at school might have directed you towards the “Total Esty” app that has national board questions on it.

**Disclaimer I am not paid to say this next statement.**

That app is totally useful. No joke.  Some of the questions are actually on the Oklahoma State Esthetics Boards Exam.  So there is that.  But what about the rest of the test??

Thats why I am here. To dispense my knowledge onto you and hope that my journey helps you as much as it is helping me to type all this out.

This post is just going to list the things I do know for sure about the test.  My following posts will go over topics and questions that might be on the test.

Here goes nothing:

  1. Everyone in the room gets a different test each with varying topics.
    1. This means someone might get a science heavy test and another might get a practical heavy test.
  2. They absolutely take the ID thing seriously.
  3. Do NOT take your phone in and if your model is with you, give them your keys.
    1. Once you are in that room there is no going back and they DO NOT like when you have forgotten or your model might need something.
  4. Take care of everything before you get there.
  5. Wait by the door starting 15 min before the test time.
    1. They will call you into the room one by one.
  6. You get an hour for lunch but account for traffic!
  7. I would plan on going to OKC the night before if you are traveling.
    1. Take the stress out of the morning commute and not have to worry about a long drive on your big day!
  8. You do get a study guide when you get your test date.
    1. Use this to outline and break down topics to study so you don’t get overwhelmed.

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